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Australia Cites Risk of Economic Coercion as It Revamps Military.

-May 1, 2023

Australia’s defense minister flagged potential economic intimidation and pressure on the “global rules-based order” as the nation pursues sweeping changes to its military strategy amid China’s rise. “The threat is not that we are about to be invaded, but our exposure to economic coercion and to coercion from an adversary is greater, and the potential […]

Australia Seeks to Fix ‘Broken’ Immigration Program.

-April 27, 2023

Australia will change its immigration system after a review found the current model is not fit for purpose, Minister for Home Affairs Clare O’Neil said. The system was overly-complicated and open to exploitation, the review found, failing to target and retain skilled workers and international students vital to boosting the country’s economic productivity. Australia’s immigration […]

Australia Plans $2.7 Billion Missile Program to Bolster Military

-April 26, 2023

Australia will outlay A$4.1 billion ($2.7 billion) to increase its stock of long-range missiles and develop a manufacturing industry for guided weapons in response to intensifying strategic competition in the Indo-Pacific. The government will spend A$1.6 billion to purchase long-range missiles, including additional High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) that Ukraine has successfully deployed against […]

Australia to Smooth Pathway to Citizenship for New Zealanders

-April 22, 2023

Australia will make it easier for New Zealanders living in the country to gain citizenship, in a further step toward closer ties between the neighboring countries.  New Zealanders living in Australia will be able to apply directly for citizenship without becoming permanent residents first, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said in a statement Saturday. The change will be […]

Australia Says No Single Power Should Dominate Indo-Pacific.

-April 17, 2023

Indo-Pacific nations oppose having their future “dictated by a single major power,” Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong said, as the region faces an intensifying struggle for influence between the US and China. In a major speech to the National Press Club on Monday, Wong warned that strategic competition between the US and China needs to […]

Former Australia prime minister fiercely condemns US-UK security accord, Says Australia turning to UK for security is ‘deeply pathetic’.

-March 15, 2023

Ex-Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating condemned the center-left Labor government’s deal with the US and UK to obtain nuclear submarines, saying the nation’s military sovereignty was being surrendered to the “whim and caprice” of Washington. A former Labor party leader, Keating served as prime minister from 1991 to 1996, during which he sought to loosen […]

Biden Cements Australia Subs Deal at Summit With Albanese, Sunak To Counter The Rise Of China In The Pacific

-March 13, 2023

SAN DIEGO—The U.S., Australia and United Kingdom announced Monday that Australia will acquire nuclear-powered submarines, making official a decadeslong plan that will require billions of dollars of new investment in the defense industrial base in all three countries. The announcement came at the start of a summit at a San Diego naval base between President Biden, […]

Australia’s Nuclear Subs Will Use a UK Design to Counter China

-March 9, 2023

Australia’s new fleet of nuclear-powered submarines will be based on a modified British design with US parts and upgrades, people familiar with the matter said, as the three countries press ahead with a security partnership meant to counter China. The submarine plan, set to be announced next week, will take years to produce its first […]

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