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Eastern Europe Is Jeopardizing an Economic Lifeline for Ukraine.

-May 1, 2023

A crucial economic lifeline for Ukraine is being jeopardized by eastern European governments contending with the limits of public support for Kyiv as the war stretches into its second year.  Nowhere is the shift more vivid than in Poland, a stalwart ally of Ukraine that has led the European Union in denouncing the Russian invasion. Warsaw issued […]

Chinese Leader Xi Speaks To Zelensky by Phone Since Russia Invasion

-April 26, 2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Zelensky, have spoken over the phone, in their first official conversation since Moscow launched its military operation in the neighboring state more than a year ago. Xi told Zelensky that “dialogue and negotiations are the only viable way out.” “China will neither watch the fire from the […]

Russia’s newest tanks enter battlefield in Ukraine – media

-April 26, 2023

Russia’s most advanced T-14 Armata main battle tanks have been deployed to fight Ukrainian troops, RIA Novosti news agency reported on Tuesday, citing a source. The news comes as Kiev is planning a decisive push against Moscow’s forces. “The Russian forces have begun to use the newest Armata tanks to fire at Ukrainian positions,” the source […]

UN Chief Guterres proposes ‘way forward’ for Ukraine grain initiative

-April 25, 2023

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres presented a “way forward” on extending Ukrainian grain exports during a meeting with Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in New York Monday, the UN said.Guterres gave Lavrov “a letter to President Vladimir Putin, outlining a proposed way forward aimed at the improvement, extension and expansion” of the deal, a spokesperson […]

Kiev needs up to six times more troops and firepower than Russia for its counteroffensive to succeed, General Sergey Melnik says

-April 25, 2023

Kiev needs more troops, ammunition and equipment to continue its military conflict with Moscow, Ukrainian Brigadier General Sergey Melnik told Spain’s El Pais in an interview published on Monday. Ukraine has already lost most of its professional soldiers as the conflict drags on, he admitted. “The problem is that we have a lack of people […]

China backs Macron’s Ukraine peace efforts

-April 19, 2023

Beijing supports European efforts to kickstart peace talks on Ukraine and eventually create a balanced and sustainable security framework for the continent, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin has said. Negotiations should be based on Europe’s “fundamental long-term interests” and should take into account the “legitimate concerns of all parties,” the Chinese official said during a daily media briefing […]


-April 15, 2023

ICC prosecutor general Karim Khan raised millions from NATO states by crafting an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin while freezing investigations into well-documented US and Israeli war crimes. Along the way, he won powerful friends in Washington, London, Kiev — and Hollywood.Karim Khan, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, stood before a podium […]

Pentagon Investigates More Social-Media Posts Purporting to Include Secret U.S. Documents.

-April 8, 2023

The Pentagon is investigating social-media posts that purport to reveal highly classified U.S. government documents on the war in Ukraine and other key international topics, in what could be one of the most dangerous intelligence breaches in decades. Well over 100 images, marked with “Top Secret” and other classifications indicating they represent highly sensitive U.S.-produced […]

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