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Israel’s Economy to Shrug Off Any Short-Term Hit on Moody’s Cut

-April 21, 2023

Israel’s economy will overcome any short-term impact from Moody’s Investors Service’s move to lower the nation’s credit outlook on concerns over a planned overhaul of the legal system, according to a senior minister. “I would not put a short on the Israeli economy,” the country’s Economy and Industry Minister Nir Barkat said in an interview Thursday in […]

Indonesian hackers vow to continue cyberattacks on Israel

-April 20, 2023

Indonesian hackers are going to continue to breach the websites of Israeli government institutions, a group claiming a wave of cyberattacks that made headlines this week told Aico News. The attacks by hackers from the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation came amid a series of similar breaches targeting Israeli agencies this month, which have been claimed […]

Netanyahu Defends Israeli Democracy After Moody’s Cuts Outlook.

-April 17, 2023

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the strength of Israel’s democracy after Moody’s lowered the country’s credit outlook because of a planned judicial overhaul that has spurred mass protests. Netanyahu, who said Saturday that the dispute won’t harm the Israeli economy, expressed confidence that a compromise could be reached over the plan that has increasingly divided the country […]

Israel Turmoil Forces Netanyahu to Mull Judicial U-Turn

-March 27, 2023

Israel was in turmoil on Monday, with a general strike halting flight departures and limiting access to the health and legal systems as pressure intensified on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze his plan to shift power from the Supreme Court to the legislature. Overnight, the streets were aflame, with burning tires making highways impassible after Netanyahu fired […]

Saudi Arabia-Iran Pact Marks Setback to Israel’s Efforts to Counter Tehran.

-March 14, 2023

JERUSALEM—Saudi Arabia’s surprise agreement to renew diplomatic relations with Iran marks a significant blow to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s key foreign-policy goal: creating a regional alliance built around isolating Iran. Mr. Netanyahu has long led the charge to garner international support for isolating Iran and halting its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel views Iran as its primary global […]

Powerful labor union warns government of action if no judicial compromise reached

-March 13, 2023

The head of the Histadrut labor union said Sunday that the organization was giving its “full support” to an as-yet-unrevealed compromise deal being drafted by President Isaac Herzog for the government’s contentious judicial shakeup push. Arnon Bar-David did warn, however, that if such an agreement was not reached, the powerful union would not “stand idly […]

Nearly three months of rallies challenging government plans to weaken the judiciary are sapping investor confidence and deepening divides.

-March 13, 2023

ISREAL: Erez Shachar manages one of Israel’s top investment funds, with $1.1 billion in assets. Normally he can get senior officials on the phone with little effort. Yet the 59-year-old has spent the last 10 Saturday nights marching through Tel Aviv with tens of thousands of other protesters waving an Israeli flag, shouting “Shame!” and “De-mo-cra-cy!” […]

Netanyahu airlifted to airport after protesters block road.

-March 10, 2023

TEL AVIV, Israel: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to be airlifted Thursday to the country’s main international airport for an overseas trip after throngs of cars and protesters prevented him from driving there.The demonstrations were part of nationwide protests underway for more than two months against Netanyahu and his government’s contentious plan to overhaul […]

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