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Morocco supplying Spain with Russian diesel – El Mundo  

-May 1, 2023

Morocco is purchasing Russian diesel and other refined products at discounted prices and re-exporting the fuel to Spain, El Mundo reported on Friday, citing ship tracking sources. Data from navigation tracking portal Vesselfinder showed that, on April 28, at least three tankers were heading from Russia’s Baltic ports to Morocco carrying approximately 170,000 tons of […]

Poland seizes Russian embassy and trade mission funds.

-April 27, 2023

All the money in the accounts of the Russian embassy and trade office in Warsaw has been seized by the Polish prosecutor’s office, Ambassador Sergey Andreyev revealed on Wednesday. “We received a notification from the prosecutor’s office that the funds from the Santander Bank accounts of the embassy and the trade representation were transferred to […]

Russian, Turkish, Syrian, Iranian defense ministers hold talks in Moscow

-April 26, 2023

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held talks with the defense ministers of Turkiye, Syria and Iran on Tuesday as part of closely-watched negotiations in Moscow aimed at normalizing ties between Ankara and Damascus. In a readout published after the meeting, Russia’s defense ministry said all four countries had reaffirmed their “desire to preserve Syria’s territorial […]

Russia’s newest tanks enter battlefield in Ukraine – media

-April 26, 2023

Russia’s most advanced T-14 Armata main battle tanks have been deployed to fight Ukrainian troops, RIA Novosti news agency reported on Tuesday, citing a source. The news comes as Kiev is planning a decisive push against Moscow’s forces. “The Russian forces have begun to use the newest Armata tanks to fire at Ukrainian positions,” the source […]

UN Chief Guterres proposes ‘way forward’ for Ukraine grain initiative

-April 25, 2023

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres presented a “way forward” on extending Ukrainian grain exports during a meeting with Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in New York Monday, the UN said.Guterres gave Lavrov “a letter to President Vladimir Putin, outlining a proposed way forward aimed at the improvement, extension and expansion” of the deal, a spokesperson […]

The Ukraine conflict is about the future of global order, the Russian foreign minister told the UN Security Council.

-April 25, 2023

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov chaired Monday’s session of the UN Security Council, dedicated to “effective multilateralism.” In his opening remarks, he outlined the nature of the current conflict, which he said was really between the UN Charter and the “rules-based order” of the collective West. Lavrov also noted that the US had effectively denied visas to his accredited media […]

EU to Propose Banning Many Goods From Transiting Via Russia

-April 23, 2023

The European Union is set to propose a ban on many goods transiting through Russia as the bloc attempts to tighten the screws on the enforcement of sanctions imposed over the past year.  The transit ban would extend to numerous technologies and other goods, including several types of vehicles, but not all items would be […]

Russia will to Expel About One-Third of German Diplomats

-April 23, 2023

Russia will cut staff limits for German diplomatic missions and expel about one-third of Berlin’s diplomats currently working in the country, the foreign ministry in Moscow said.  The ministry said the move, announced Saturday, was meant to “mirror” the recent expulsion of Russian diplomats from Germany. Relations between the former major trading partners continue to […]

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