Hunter Biden Calls for Ethics Action On Marjorie Taylor Greene

Hunter Biden is calling on lawmakers to slap GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia with ethics charges for alleged defamatory statements and personal attacks.
A lawyer for President Joe Biden’s son accused Greene of “undignified rhetoric and brazen violations of the standards of official conduct that do not reflect creditably on the House of Representatives,” in a letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics Monday.
The ethics office is an independent non-partisan committee that reviews allegations of misconduct against members of Congress and can make referrals to the House Ethics Committee for further investigation and action. 
“Since her election to Congress in 2020 (and before), Representative Greene has engaged in steady, dogged verbal and defamatory attacks against Mr. Biden, and members of his family,” the lawyer, Abbe Lowell wrote. 
Greene, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, dug in on her accusations on Twitter on Monday morning. 
“The FBI, DOJ, Treasury, and the entire government knows and has proof Hunter Biden was involved in human sex trafficking and they have done absolutely nothing about it,” she tweeted. “But just imagine if Hunter’s last name was Trump.” 
Greene is a member of the Oversight and Accountability Committee, which has been looking into the financial activities of Hunter Biden and some of his associates.
In his letter Lowell cites a video statement Greene released on her Twitter account, standing in front of the Treasury building, in which she stated, “The Biden crime family participated in human trafficking by soliciting prostitutes from the United States and abroad in countries like Russia and Ukraine.” She claimed that it extended “past Hunter Biden and his immediate family.”
“Her online statements and public appearances are neither legislative drafting, nor oversight, nor real congressional business — they are a spray of shotgun pellets of personal vitriol that are the definition of conduct that does not reflect ‘creditably on the House,’” Lowell writes. “None of these could possibly be deemed to be part of any legitimate legislative activity,” the complaint letter to OCE states.

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